M3 E90 E92 E93



E90 E92 E93

How it's done.


The Exhaust system on all the E9* M3 are the same except the E90 which has shorter tips which has nothing to do with these mods. so any M3 can be modded in this way.

(these pictures and videos are very old now but still relevant, for the last few years ive been doing these exclusively from my fully fitted workshop)









Then the exhaust is opened up and

the fibre glass packing is removed.

there are 4 seperate places that can be wrapped.

the 2 main sections with the most perforations being wrapped is the most popular mod (2 pipe mod)  which is what I will concentrate on explaining first before showing other options.






The 2 main sections are then wrapped with pure aluminum foil (i don't use this anymore see below)













Then fibre glass heat resistant  wrap is tightly wrapped over the tape all held in place with stainless steel cable ties and stainless jubilee clips.

(I no longer use any heat wrap, so these pictures are just an example of the levels, i now use stainless pipe which has the same result and the process is still reversible.)













The fibre glass packjng I removed at the beginning is put back in and the exhaust is welded with stainless steel welding wire, meaning everything in the mod is non degradible and will last the life of the car.













Here is a before and after video I made of the 2 pipe mod.

below I will explain the other louder options

Louder options

As I said earlier there are 4 place that can be wrapped, above was the 2 pipe wrap but there is also the 2.5 and the 4.








the 2.5 is the 2 pipe plus half the other

2 pipes like the picture to the right here...















Here is a video of my 2.5 mod and yes, just

covering that much more makes a big difference 















Here is another video of the 2.5 mod but in 














Lastly we have the full fat 4 pipe mod which is

basically a straight through, it can drone at 

certain RPMs but sound like a true supercar.



















Here is the video, ignore the cold start at the 

beginning as its not quite that loud :)