N55 exhaust mod

The exhaust mod for this range is very much like the mod for the M140i.

I've modded lots of these with great results, a deeper, aggressive sound with clearer more defined crackles.

the process involves me removing the exhaust from the car and opening the silencer from above, inside is a series of chambers and pipework, I use stainless parts and welding to internally imoprove the airflow, once put back together and back on the car no evidence of my work can be seen.

this also leaves the valve functional so you still have a loud/quiet option, meaning no drone when cruising.


To the right is a picture of the '35i' exhaust, the only thing differing in the models is the size of the bulge shaped resonator (this can be modified also but all my video clips are of the way I've stated above, I do have someone booked in for both so will update the page!)

Backbox only is £280, Backbox and resonator is £300

Below are some videos of the mod done, this is just the backbox modified.

Here's with resonator as well...

resonator gives it probably 7% extra volume, not something worth doing on its own but as part of the whole its worth it in my opinion as it makes the crackles a little clearer and the tone fractionally more aggressive.