£280 for backbox + 1 res, £320 both res and backbox

M140i/M240i/M340i/M440i/M640i OEM exhaust mod

I've modded lots of these with great results, a deeper, aggressive sound with clearer more defined crackles.

the process involves me removing the exhaust from the car and opening the two main silencers from above, inside each is a series of chambers and pipework, I use stainless parts and welding to internally straight through the airflow, once put back together and back on the car no evidence of my work can be seen.

this also leaves the flap functional so you still have a loud/quiet option, meaning no drone when cruising.

here is a diagram of the '40i' exhaust, the only thing differing in the models is the size of the bulge shaped resonator (this can be modified also but all my video clips are of the way I've stated above)

This modification is issue free, warranty, MOT, Emissions all unaffected, I offer a guarantee of all my work for the lifetime of your ownership of the car.

please check out the videos, the mod is £280 for 1 res and backbox £320 for both resonators and backbox, I can be contacted on 07941 966010 for any further questions.

both resonators and baxkbox below